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SMART FOUNDS – modern plans of the 2nd pension tier with high income!

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Low fees

Not long ago, we paid the highest pension contributions in Europe for poor results. Now the situation has changed! SMART FOUNDS offers the first modern high-income retirement plans. Single low commission means more money in your account!
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Modern investment plans of the 2nd pension tier

Investing in index funds is a modern solution used by the largest pension funds in the world. SMART FOUNDS makes it available to everyone.
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No additional expenses

Almost all workers in the world accumulate 6% of their salary at the 2nd pension tier. This is a hefty sum. The time has come to manage it rationally.
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Benefits of SMART FOUNDS

Low expenses

The market can grow or collapse. No one can control it.

What we can control is spending that eats up our money year after year.

Index funds

The contributor to the index fund owns a fraction of almost all the world’s largest companies. This reduces the risk and gives a possibility to earn with the growth of the global economy.


No hidden fees. No investment in expensive funds that are under their own management. All expenses are published. You will know how much you get and how much you pay!

SMART FOUNDS is reliable.

The 2nd pension tier is very reliable in its structure. The fund manager only directs where to invest the money without storing your savings. Separate storage of funds in the account bank and strict regulation by the state Financial and Capital Market Commission ensures uncompromising reliability at critical moments and every day.
  • Funds are held separately in the account bank
  • For double security, all transactions are approved by SMART FOUNDS and the account bank.
  • “SmartFounds” is a investment management company licensed by the Financial and Capital Market Commission, which is obliged to comply with the same regulations and standards of reliability as all pension funds managers.

SMART FOUNDS is an initiative of more than 30 European entrepreneurs.

We have united in a new joint-stock company in order to invest pension savings more efficiently - both our own and of our relatives and other residents. Among us are such well-known businessmen as Valis Ssnis, Normunds and Janis Begs, Elmar Gegers, Sven Disdorfs, Juris Gishins, Philip Klavins, Raymond Slides and many others.

Our investors received the award of the European Network of Business Angels and the European Association of Risk Capital “Investment of the Year 2017” for the creation of SMART FOUNDS.

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